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So, I put another fanfic up on fimfiction. I like... parts of it? But I did finally finish it and I'm at the point where I would rather be done with writing it so that I can move on to something else than keep trying to figure out how to make it better.

Seriously. I've been writing this one *forever*.

I call it Lyra's World.
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Lyra tries to save herself from the Mirror Pool. Twilight helps. Kind of. It's another story in the whole series of stories starting with Dragons Hate Taffy and/or Feed the Reaper depending on where you count.

Reforming Spell

So far, everyone hates it. Maybe I didn't put in enough sex.

Also... there was a new episode of My Little Pony this week, which was much better than last week's. This was not a high bar.

spoilers )

At any rate, it was a pretty good episode that made me laugh a lot, but it got a bit repetitive. 2/3.

New ponies!

Apr. 5th, 2015 01:04 pm
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New communist ponies! Season 5 started today, and it was a pretty enjoyable 2-parter. The second half fell a little flat but only a little, and both parts were sprinkled with the spot-jokes that really make the show for me.

spoilers )

So, yeah. I'll give this pair of episodes 3/3.

In other news, I've been neglecting to post about pathfinder ponies again. Three new chapter:
Gather Information, where Applejack is a much better spy on her own than with Rarity trying to tag along.
Smash and Grab, where the party executes a cunning plan, with only one little hitch.
and Smuggler's Run, where, um, they kind of walk into a tunnel and fight some stuff.
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At least, on livejournal. I've got three more chapters already posted that I didn't mention here yet.

In Scapegoats, the party discovers that fire-bombing a neighborhood has consequences. But not for them, perhaps, if they run away fast enough.

Then, in Song of Vengeance, an old enemy comes home to roost. Also, to stab ponies.

Finally, in Welcome Home, the party finally returns to Bright Valley, which many of them once called home. But things have changed...
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In Pathfinder Ponies, that is. Our intrepid adventurers decide to go to work for the military, hoping to impress them enough to be let in on the secret goings on inside the Military District. Their assignment, close some portals.

First, in Portal Hunters, they descend into the city's sewers in search of a hidden portal, only to run into a bit more resistance than anticipated.

Then, in Smoke Birds, they face off against an elusive enemy that's been holding the orcish army at bay, hoping to clear the way for an attack on a larger, more dangerous portal.
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Finally, the long-awaited finale of the kobold dungeon arc of Pathfinder Ponies.

After breaking out of the vault, the party bypasses all the GM's carefully constructed encounters and ends up Behind Enemy Lines.

Then, Rush Hour, in which a climactic final battle is completely ruined because the party decides to go and shop for the boss's kryptonite first.

Yes, these are roughly modeled after what the actual parties that I ran through this dungeon did. But I'm not bitter.
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Over the weekend, in between playing lots and lots of MWO to try to win a free mech, I wrote another couple chapters of Pathfinder Ponies.

In Onwards and Downwards, the party pushes through the kobold defenses in search of their ultimate goal -- whatever treasure the kobolds might be hiding. Oh, and an explanation of why they're harassing the pass, although they sort of already got that last time.

Then in Trapped in a Box, the party spends a nice, uneventful period of time with no problems not of their own making. Also, Rarity reads a book.

...it took me 121 games to get 30 points for the MWO Challenge, over the course of two weekends. Each game is ~10 minutes long on average. That is a lot of MWO. x.x

Actually, let's see... they give timestamps for the games. Adding it up, it was 6 hours on the first weekend, and 10 hours the second weekend. Urgh.
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Okay, before I unleash the torrent of whining, I'll mention that I uploaded another two chapters of Pathfinder Ponies, describing the party's foray into a kobold-infested dungeon.

First, A Good Old-fashioned Dungeon, which is mostly about them getting through the first room.

Then, Security Theater, which has them dealing with a trap, and some kobolds.

Okay, complaint time. q:3

Despite being a completely new computer with no hardware or software in common with the old computer, running a different OS and everything, my new desktop still has the random 'sorry, we can't load this website' problem that NO OTHER PIECE OF HARDWARE except for my previous desktop ever had, despite running off the same router at the exact same time. Said other hardware including two windows tablets, a windows laptop, and an ipad.

I've replaced literally everything, and the bug is still happening. I wonder if I should try moving the computer to the other side of the room? @.@

Wait. I haven't replaced the monitor. Or my headphones. Oh! The keyboard! I bet the keyboard is to blame!



MWO is having a challenge this weekend, where you have to get 1 kill and win the game to get a point, and 30 points wins a mech. I played for a couple hours Friday night, and got 8 points. This was encouraging.

After playing for several hours on each of Saturday and Sunday, I now have nine points. Either I get a kill and my team loses, or my team wins and I don't get a kill. In the last match, some jerk decided to deliberately turn around and shoot me, perhaps because my Atlas didn't back up as fast as his Catapult when he decided to reverse down the only narrow ramp and block the chokepoint. Then when I shot back, he had the gall to die from a single hit, and then accuse me loudly of teamkilling him.

No, that doesn't count for the contest.

But yeah, that's sort of why it was the last match. I'm not in the mood to play more MWO right now.


So I installed Starbound's 'unstable' branch to see what new stuff is coming. After a couple hours of play -- including an unfun and infuriating 'mission' where all your crafting and placement stuff was locked and there was only combat, which you had to restart when you died and which blocked further exploration until you completed it -- it crashed. Meaning I lost the entire day's progress, since Starbound doesn't let you save except at the end of a session (so, I could have saved sometime in the middle, but it would have been really annoying because I would have had to quit and restart, and Starbound is not really a fast-booting game).

This is why I don't play betas. WHY DO I KEEP BREAKING THAT RULE? It always ends in pain.
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It's a shopping trip, more or less, but I hope it's still amusing. I skip the boring details at least. The new chapter of Pathfinder Ponies, City of Smoke
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Two more chapters of Pathfinder Ponies, actually, if you're following it here, since I forgot to note the last one.

Twilight and company travel through the pass, escorting the caravan, and are railroaded into attacking a mysterious camp of illusionists which turns out be to be a wretched hive of scum and villainy, in Hidden Hive.

Then, they move on through the rest of the pass, which is quiet and safe. Maybe Too Quiet!
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I took my car in for service; it was time for the 75000 mile service check thing, and also the check engine light was on which is usually nothing serious but you can't pass emissions inspection without resolving it.

Apparently, this time it was serious. The check engine light is on because the IMA batteries are dying, which I'd sort of noticed separately although I wasn't sure if it was really them dying or if they were just getting overstressed because I've started parking in a garage at work.

Fixing them would run about $4000. The line item is $2500 but there were a bunch of other add on things on the list. Given that this is the second multi-thousand-dollar maintenance bill in a row, I'm thinking that maybe I should not try to keep driving this car. The 'service advisor' said the same thing, although of course she wanted me to go buy another car from them on the spot.

I'm not sure I want to buy another car from the same company when the last car suddenly became undrivable after ten years, though. Maybe that's just normal for old cars? At least this time it's 'if you keep driving with a bad battery the rest of the engine will get overstressed' as opposed to 'you can't steer or use the brakes, suddenly, while on the freeway'.

While waiting for them to do fuck-all but tell me my car needed thousands of dollars in repairs, I went to see Into the Woods, which is apparently a musical about a bunch of old fairy tales all mashed together. spoilers, I guess )

By the time the credits rolled I hated the movie intensely and really wished that it had ended while it was still good. If you see this movie, leave in the middle.

I also posted another chapter of Pathfinder Ponies in which the characters talk to each other and get railroaded. It's called Shattered Illusions.
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Since I finally finished Guards and Monsters, I can get back to work on my other stories. I posted another chapter of Pathfinder Ponies, in which Twilight Sparkle has a terrible, terrible, unnecessary idea that looks brilliant only because it works.

Pathfinder Ponies' next chapter: Whirlwind Assault
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I finally finished the story I've been working on on and off for the last few weeks. It's another one in the Lyra series, this time about her as a Night Guard in the service of Princess Luna.

Obviously, it's really about her getting killed over and over again.

Guards and Monsters
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Ponies: I put up a new chapter of Pathfinder Ponies, where Twilight realizes she's addicted to mind control, and then they fight some mummies.

Ponies: I picked up a copy of Rainbow Rocks. This time, I couldn't find it at Target, so I had to go next door to Fry's. While there, I tried to find the 3ds games to see if they had better prices than Target had, but I couldn't find them at all. Fry's is really going downhill; most of the shelves are nearly empty.

Nevermind: Um... I was going to say something here. I'm almost certain. BUT WHAT?

Maybe I was going to complain about there being so many moving parts, little things with simple resolutions that I nevertheless have to remember to do, or remember to verify are getting done, that I just can't keep track of it all? Like, I had to go in to work for fifteen minutes this weekend because I forgot one of the twenty-odd random steps to get actual working overnight builds. Or my car's 'check engine' light just turned on again. Or I barely remembered to set the DVR to record the next Agents of Shield (and still have to watch this week's). Or the toothpaste is running out at work again and I should remember to buy some to replace it the next time I'm at the grocery store.

Ugh. x.x I have a vague notion that I should write everything I have to do down in some fashion where I get reminded about the appropriate thing to do when so that I don't have to remember it, but that would just be ONE MORE THING to worry about.
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I wrote another story in the vein of Dragons Hate Taffy, called Off on a Tangent.

What happens when you try to change the past using time travel? Lyra gets to find out.
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I've been slowly writing more of the My Little Pony/Pathfinder RPG crossover fanfic. 6 new chapters since I last mentioned it here. It's really an excuse to play Pathfinder solitaire, I guess... and to grumble at the players who went through the same campaign with much less trouble than the Mane 6 are having.

When Chris's druid recklessly charged the 11th level Necromancer, he made all his saving throws and kicked the guy's butt. Rainbow Dash... was not quite as lucky. On the other hand (talon?), she now has +8 AC and a net +2 to-hit?

I've also been playing a lot of MechWarrior Online. I do not know why I enjoy that game. It's the sort of game (pvp shooter) that I usually hate.

I picked Marik as the side to run with because their emblem is a giant purple chicken (or possibly a pink eagle), and tonight someone was complaining that Marik wasn't competitive enough. "I talk to other teams and they say facing Marik groups is like facing a bunch of PUGs." This isn't surprising since every Marik group I've 'dropped' with has been essentially a pick-up-group of whoever happened to be on the teamspeak server. Presumably, when the units actually drop as a unit instead of with random people who happened to pick Marik, they do better?

Or maybe not. At any rate, I'm pretty sure I'm not up for any sort of competitive anything. My kill/death ratio is like 0.37. x.x
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Honest, they do! Or at least that's what Spike wants Lyra to think.

I wrote another story in the same vein as 'Feed the Reaper', only this one is less gory (only candy gets eaten).

Dragons Hate Taffy
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Apparently, my alarm clock updates itself automatically for daylight savings time. This is good, because otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed, unless I checked the clock on my computer or something of course. I did have to set my watch and the car's clock manually, and those are the things I look at most often.

So, yeah. I was completely blindsided by losing an hour, so why did I still wake up 10 minutes before my alarm was about to go off?

In other news, over the weekend, I wrote yet another short MLP one-shot for the EQD writing prompt. It's sort of an alt-script for the episode, mostly making fun of the really lame monster. And by 'lame', I mean literally handicapped. Seriously. It has to coordinate its attacks between its heads *verbally* and Applebloom gets away as a direct result, although that wasn't really obvious until I wrote this story making fun of it by having it work that way and then was like OH MY GOD ITS SO TRUE.

Poor monster. Very poor. I give it an F for effort.
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Why is Fluttershy the new frontpony for a literal Death Metal band? The answer probably won't surprise you if you saw Bats! Especially now that I basically told you what it is ahead of time.

It's for the EQD prompt this week for Filli Vanilli. It shares similar themes with Filli Vanilli, but doesn't really require you to have seen it. It probably does require you to have seen Bats! though.

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Oh, I also wrote a story for EQD's weekly prompt based on the episode. This one wasn't really based on the episode, the prompt was just 'Discord is the main character'.

So, no knowledge of Three's a Crowd needed, but knowledge of older MLP generations might help you understand why Discord needs to find somepony to Kill Twilight Sparkle.
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