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We had a session of Jeff's Star Wars d20 game. It started off pretty awful, but once we got into combat things went better.

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Stacey and Dave basically can't play any more -- they got jobs which keep them from showing up on Mondays, at least, and no one is willing to move the game for them since they've been fairly unreliable anyway. Jeff posted on the work RPG board asking for more players, and got a few nibbles, but they'd need us to move the game to Thursdays. Maybe we will, I don't know.

Can't Win

Jun. 21st, 2005 10:26 am
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We sort of had a session of Jeff's D20 Star Wars game last night. Stacey and David showed up late... David didn't do much except work on his character the whole time. Stacey's character, having finally achieved a sufficient level in 'priest of the way' to use dark side powers without going crazy, became our 'dark side bitch'.

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There seems to be a pattern of unrelenting punishment for taking any action in this game. Anything we do not only doesn't work, but makes the overall situation worse. I don't think we've ever done anything that had a positive effect, except possibly on our own personal power.

It's pretty sad when being locked in prison feels like respite.


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