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Had the last session of Jen's new world of darkness game. We achieved a 'major victory', according to the conditions she'd specified, which means we only made enemies of the main villain, and not also of the mafia.

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According to Jen, we were supposed to go to the demo to get the laptop and end up fighting the werewolves... she'd put the tech in the computer room to scare us away, and hadn't anticipated the whole 'hold him at gunpoint' thing. "Plus, when I was coming up with this storyline I expected heroic characters, who'd want to know who Dr. Nitter was selling werewolves to." She was happy enough with how it turned out, though.

If Patrick doesn't come back (and we've heard nothing from him for months), we'll probably continue this storyline, or at least this world. Jeff wants to GM it, though.
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Had a session of Jen's game yesterday. To no one's suprise, the mystery monster turned out to be werewolves!

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Won't be playing next week, and the week after that we're moving to Tuesday so that Ed can show up.


Mar. 3rd, 2006 10:24 am
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None of our characters in Jen's game are actually working for the mob... well, let me rephrase that. None of them are members of the mafia. We had the first session last night, and now they most definately are working for the mob. Damn it.

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None of us really know the new world of darkness rules, not even Jen... but they seem a little less crazy than the old world of darkness, and playing humans means the parts we need are pretty simple.


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