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May visited over the weekend, and in between many many games of race for the galaxy we rolled up a couple gamma world characters and had a very very short adventure.

May got 'Entropic/Cryokinetic', with a 20 charisma and a 4 strength, and decided she was 'Lucy', a cloud of blue smoke that dressed up like a goth girl with a ceramic carnival mask. I got 'Gelatinous/Simian', which meant that obviously I was her invisible tentacle-beast companion. Named 'Invi'.

Lucy and Invi were travelling up the river through a dense forest -- a shard of a world that had never been nuked, a nice change from the wasteland. Unfortunately, they were low on food, so when they saw a campfire, they snuck close to investigate -- and saw a pair of Badders roasting marshmallows from a plastic bag of them that they must have scavenged somewhere.

Lucy tried to reason with the Badders, but they were spooked and tried to shoot her. Luckily, she had a personal force field that deflected their first few bolts, and after laughing off their bolt, dissolved one of them with a touch. Invi tried to help, and slashed the other one open with the giant gaffer hook embedded in his arms. The badder tried to run away and burrow to safety, and since they'd captured the marshmallows (and other food), they let him go.

Later on, they were eating marshmallows as they travelled up the river, when they heard a strange buzzing sound that they were pretty sure wasn't from insects -- Lucy thought it might be from a motor? That turned out to be correct as a patrol boat with a mounted machine gun came around a bend in the river, and the Badders on board warned them they were entering Salamandastron territory and should come with them.

Lucy convinced them to let them turn around and leave instead... but an hour or so later the boat came back. "Maybe the one we let run away told them we'd stolen the marshmallows," Invi suggested, so they decided to hide and ambush the Badders away from the river (and the machine gun).

Unfortunately, even without their machine gun the Badders were too powerful for them -- they missed their surprise attacks and the lieutenant had a psychic wave that knocked Invi out. Lucy managed to wake him up, but although he poisoned the lieutenant with an alpha mutation, the other badders beat Lucy to death (although she did dissolve one) and then a recharged psychic wave took Invi out as well.

The moral of the story is apparently 'marshmallows == doom'. Or possibly, 'don't play Gamma World with a party smaller than three'.
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I showed up for the gamma world game day, to try out the new version. What I didn't realize was that all the 'game days' were RPGA events and they wanted an RPGA number. So, I gave them the number off my old RPGA card. It was six digits long. Everyone else's number was, like, 14 digits long. This worries me. But they let me play...

Since I was a little late and also the breakpoint for switching to two tables, I took over the character of the guy who was now GMing. 'Electric Feline'. I named him Elekitty. We also had Hawkroach and Rufus (a gravity-controlling rat swarm).

game summary w/ spoilers for Freesborough scenario )


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