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Well, the EQ2 combat changes went to test, and they don't look as utterly nerf-centric as the CoH changes, but... wow, Chitter is going to suck.

Troubadours are being changed into pure mage/priest buff-bots, basically. So, since they're scouts, most of their powers won't work on themselves. Even their melee proc buff line is being changed to add a proc to spells instead... and it doesn't work on scout spells. Maybe they'll fix that?

OTOH, bards of all sorts have way more buffs than concentration, so I'll have *something* to cast. But I still think I should have gone Dirge, since they're getting the fighter/scout buff lines.

As for furies, it looks like they heard me complaining about having to recast eighteen spells every fifteen minutes, and fixed the problem on test by making all the single-target proc spells take concentration. Making them worthless. But they did give furies ludicrously powerful direct damage spells, and people testing say that overall they're happy with it.
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My computer crashed today, just after I logged on to EQ2. It wouldn't reboot for a while because the bios kept reporting a CPU heat error. I pulled it out from under the desk a little to get better airflow, and maybe that worked...

Other than maybe changing its position after plugging in cables, I find it hard to pin this on the new monitor.

Afterwards I logged back on with Terishaell and did AQ2 and AQ3, the latter with the help a group of tanks of all different sorts wandering around Stormhold. The guardian in the group was obsessed with retrieving his shard from some mysterious door outside Stormhold, and refused to wait to be rezzed, rez other people with feathers, or go on standard corpse recovery runs, even if everything in the dungeon was gray when unmentored and there was no risk, and some named crab camping his secret door nearly killed him...

They (all of the tanks) also refused to wait for me to recast EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD after mentoring to a different level (I was the highest, and they kept having me switch around to keep things green). I need to make new *hot bars* and recast *five concentration buffs* and, in a group of six, up to EIGHTEEN click buffs NOT including spirit of the wolf. Gaaah!

So I quit early. I'll just watch TV or something.

Besides, AQ4 is in the 'crypt of betrayal', which I've never even heard of before. Lovely.
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Got in a good group in EQ2 last night... it was organized, mostly, with a main tank and main healer (me) and everything. I was probably a little *too* conservative -- I'm trying to learn EQ2's group tactics, so I was erring on the side of 'doing nothing' for most of the night. I'm sure I didn't want to start blasting with Chill, and running up to melee would have been a bit more trouble than it was probably worth, but eventually I started using weakness and stinging swarm, which didn't seem to draw aggro at least (if used on the tank's target). It was hard to tell if they were helping or not.

more on the group... )

Before the group, I did the 'intriguing eye' quest solo, and got to talk to Fippy. I'm glad he's an NPC in this one instead of a mob, I always felt sorry for him. }:P He gave me a quest and then gloated about how since he was blackmailing me he didn't have to pay me, but then I mysteriously got a very nice piece of chest armor. Huh.

Anyway, I went from the middle of 16 to the middle of 18, so it's time to go find the class advancement NPC. I've seen conflicting information that the person I'm looking for is somewhere in South Qeynos (from a messageboard) or North Qeynos (from the manual). Sigh.


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