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That part was easy, although I always feel like I voted wrong on all the initiatives.

Then I went to buy a new car. I almost succeeded! I got a 'new' car with 5000 miles on it and I knew about the mileage because they gave me a discount for that, but the last time a dealer did that it still counted as new for the warrantee and this time, no. Grr.

At least they didn't try to sell me a bottle of turtle wax for $300. 9.9

Anyway, I made the wonderful decision to go buy a car on the way to getting comics and lunch. Buying a car takes a LONG TIME. I ended up eating lunch at around 6pm. I think that means I can blame some of the really stupid things I did on low blood sugar? That's a thing, right?

And I'm not talking about accidentally buying a used car -- I'm talking about almost getting into three accidents because I decided to go for a turn without as much leeway as I usually insist on and then also being kind of slow and hesitant about it because I was in a new car that put me slightly higher off the ground than I'm used to (I think?). Fortunately, I actually did have (just) enough time to make the turn all three times, but ugh. x.x


(in case anyone cares, I got a 2016 Subaru Imprezza that is specifically not a hybrid of any sort since I'm still kind of angry about the IMA system being counted as part of the emissions system and making my last car legally undrivable)
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